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Online Resources

  • Amanda Laird

    • A nutritionist based in Toronto, author of Heavy Flow - great resource for further information on your cycle.

  • The Beautiful Cervix Project

    • A project that encourages self-exam and the understanding of cervix health. Do you know what your cervix looks like?

  • Menstrual Cup Guide: Put a Cup In It

    • For those interested in menstrual cups but need more information!

  • Dr. Lara Briden

    • Naturopathic Doctor and "period revolutionary"!​ Great information on period health and natural alternatives to birth control.

  • Lisa Hendrickson-​Jack

    • Author of "The Fifth Vital Sign" and host of the podcast "Fertility Friday"​

  • Homeopathy with Paula

    • Over on the blog I talk about birth control, managing PMS with homeopathy, and how homeopathy can help balance your hormones.


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Online Resources